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Our story

"We don’t just grow grapevines, we grow together with them. We don’t simply make wine, we LIVE it. As far as we are concerned, winemaking is the most beautiful art in the world."
Marijan Arman

We owe our love for winemaking to Marijan’s great-grandfather Ivan Arman, who planted the first vineyard way back in the 1880s. Passed from generation to generation (from father to son, from grandfather to grandson), passion for the Istrian land and the knowledge about viticulture and wine has gradually become our raison d’être. Marijan eagerly worked on introducing new technologies and skill sets, and in the mid-1990s managed to transform the traditional winemaking process. During this period, the so-called ‘New Wine Era’, the winery achieved its first notable success in the market and emerged as one of the mavericks of modern, top-quality winemaking. Today, Marijan keeps the tradition alive with the help of his daughters Ines and Nina, with an accent on the native Istrian varieties of Malvasia and Teran.


The vineyards of the Marijan Arman’s family are located on the gentle slopes by the river Mirna valley in western Istria.

The proximity of the tourist town of Poreč makes them an attractive destination for wine lovers.

The vineyards are facing south-west and enjoy maximum sunshine. Compared to some other Istrian vineyards, the microclimate and a combination of white and grey soil, i.e. flysch, add to the uniqueness of Marijan Arman’s wines. They cover an area of 10 ha planted mainly with native varieties of Istrian Malvasia and Teran, but also international varieties (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Merlot), to which the local terroir lends a new dimension.

Our wines

The wine is made with love and skill in the cellar, but is produced in the vineyard. It reveals himself in a glass, without revealing its secrets.
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We usually produce around 50,000 bottles a year, which you can find in top Croatian and foreign restaurants and specialty stores.

We start checking if the grapes have ripened as early as the end of August. When the level of sugars and acids is ideal and stable, the harvest begins. Depending on the year, this usually takes place in early September.

We believe that no harvesting machine can replace man and its influence on the life cycle of the vine, so we harvest all the grapes by hand and quickly transport them to our wine cellar for processing.

Wine cellar

Our modern wine cellar is partially buried in the ground.

This plays an important role in the production process as harvested grapes are immediately transported to the cellar for processing.

It boasts top-notch technology allowing controlled fermentation of white and red musts. We take special pride in the so-called ‘barriquana’, the room with barrique oak barrels, in which red and white wines mature and are nurtured with special care.

Wine experience

Our exclusive wine offer is reflected in the design and size of our tasting room and wine shop. In addition to a beautiful view of the vineyards, the sea and the Alps, our terrace evokes the feeling of being at home in Istria, where Arman wines are made.

The pleasure of enjoying wine tasting guided by the winemaker himself is an experience you do not want to miss. Choose one of the tasting options and book a visit via the form or at

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