Color: Shining, yet almost impenetrable ruby red with a distinct purple ring. 

Bouquet: The initially prevailing herbal notes unfold into notes of ripe fruits, like currants and sour cherries. A hint of mint finely blends in later. 

Palate: It is an extremely drinkable wine, remarkably fresh and juicy, with fine tannins. The friuty notes are followed by a finish of dark chocolate. 

Food pairing: Roast meats, lamb, sausages, loin and pancetta are beautifully accompanied by this wine. It is a perfect match to traditional istrian dishes such as maneštra (thick bean soup) with dried meat, various seafood and meat stews  with herbs, and traditional sauerkraut with mutton. 

Vintage: 2020 Quality level: quality dry red wine Grape: Teran Region: Western Istria  Vineyard: Narduči, Vižinada Vineyard exposure: south-west Soil type: grey flysch  Training method: single Guyot Harvest method: manual Ageing: stainless steel tanks   Alcohol: 13.7 % Serving temperature: 16-18℃ Volume: 0,75 lit Online shop